Our Services

Custom Design

For over 30 years, the staff at Fox Jewelers has been offering the highest quality jewelry from around the world.

We can design a unique piece of jewelry for any occasion or need. Our in-house products receive same-day services.

Jewelry Repair

At Fox Jewelers, we happily offer full-service jewelry repair in our store.

Our services include everything from ring sizing to replacement of missing stones.

We also repair necklace chains, watches, etc.


A restoration can include prong replacement, shank replacement, stone re-cutting, detail and engraving restoration and undercarriage replacement. Restoration incorporates the same techniques that were used when the item was originally created, keeping the original item intact. 


Fox Jewelers offer appraisals for fine jewelry. Unlike a diamond certificate, an appraisal is a statement of both quality and value.

Watch Repair

Fix or service your timepiece with Fox Jewelers. Bring your watch in for cleanings, battery replacement, and crystal replacement.